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Effecting positive change

Effecting positive change | July 23, 2012

Focused on its vision of sustainable growth, the Essar Group has a Sustainability Policy in place that lends form and structure to the sustainability initiatives of Group companies. It also has set up the Essar Foundation which works closely with companies to coordinate and manage sustainability activities

The Foundation works within the framework of the 3E model — Entrepreneurship, Education and Environment — to adopt a future-focused approach to sustainability.



The Foundation pays special attention to preserving natural ecologies and ensuring that the environmental balance is maintained. Tree plantation drives and eco-awareness camps are regularly organized in neighboring villages and schools.

In the Group’s effort to bring economic stability and self-sufficiency to India’s rural areas, it has, through the Foundation, aimed at nurturing unskilled women, and urban and rural youth through Entrepreneurial and skills training. Women’s empowerment initiatives aim to raise the self-esteem and sense of security among rural women, through activities that encourage beneficiaries to access government services in the area of education, self-sustaining businesses and health.



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