The Essar Group

Shashi Ruia

Shashi Ruia,
Essar Group

Shashi Ruia, Chairman, Essar Group, is a first generation entrepreneur industrialist.
He has made invaluable contributions toward strengthening the core and infrastructure
sectors in India and has steered the Essar Group to a premier position in global industry.
Mr Ruia began his career in the family business in 1965 under the guidance of his father,
the late Nand Kishore Ruia. Along with brother Ravi, Shashi Ruia laid the foundation of
the Essar Group, which is today a multinational conglomerate with operations in more
than 25 countries, 75,000 people, and revenues of USD 17 billion. Essar is a leading
player in the sectors of Steel, Oil & Gas, Power, Communications, Shipping Ports &
Logistics, Construction and Minerals.
Shashi Ruia’s vision saw the Essar Group gain a first mover advantage in many of these
businesses. For example, when the telecom sector was opened up for private
participation, Essar was among the first companies to offer mobile telephony services.
Today, Essar is a partner with Vodafone in India’s booming telecom market. In USA, Essar
has investments of over US$ 3 bn in steel, coal and BPO, employing over 13,000 people.
Mr Ruia has masterminded the group’s business strategy and consolidated a range of
activities through backward and forward integration. This has enabled the group unleash
unique synergies across its businesses.
Mr Ruia is on several important national bodies and industry associations. He was on the
managing committee of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
(FICCI), an apex body of India’s trade and business associations. He has also been the
Chairman of the prestigious Indo-US Joint Business Council and is a former president of
the Indian National Shipowners Association (lNSA).
In 2007, Mr Ruia joined an elite list of achievers, which include the likes of
Richard Branson, Peter Gabriel, Ray Chambers, Pam Omidyar, Amy Robbins and
Richard Tarlow, who will independently fund The Elders. The Elders is a group of world
renowned personalities, comprising Desmond Tutu, Gra a Machel, Kofi Annan, Jimmy
Carter, Ii Zhaoxing, Mary Robinson and Muhammad Yunus, who have joined hands to
tackle the world’s most difficult problems.
Widely regarded as one of the architects of modem India, Shashi Ruia has a passion for
education and mentoring young talent. He is proud of all the employees of Essar who
have done well for themselves under his stewardship.
Mr Ruia is a recipient of the Business India Businessman of the Year Award 2010.


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